Interview: Willow Raye’s ‘ADHD’ is a fun, hot girl pop song pertaining to relationships

As an artist, Willow Raye has changed a lot over 2020, but for the better! “The beginning of this year I had a really set schedule and some things lined up for myself and then covid happened,” Willow tells CelebMix at the beginning of our chat about her single, ‘ADHD‘, “so I took a couple months off to take time for myself then released some singles.”

Willow’s favorites include her single “Paranoid”. But nonetheless, during the pandemic Willow has a lot of time to think, and she came to the conclusion that she really wanted to change her sound to more of an alternative/pop vibe. “This is the music I actually listen too,” she expresses. “I wanted to make more music that I would actually listen to myself.” Willow’s single ‘ADHD’ is the kickoff to this new direction, and she is so excited to share what else she has.

“I’m actually doing great now,” Willow reveals on her current situation. “I went through it emotionally earlier this pandemic but now I’m taking advantage of this time to get super creative and really go into my own inner self to create dope tracks.”

WARNING: This video contains course language

“ADHD is a fun, hot girl pop song out simply, but I used my background of who I am to create it,” Willow details about her new single. “I have the worst ADHD ever and it’s hard to stay focused on one person, place or thing.” This is a song about that pertaining specifically to relationships. With this song, Willow wanted to make the song fun and something you and your friends can vibe too. Although, the storyline of the song is really saying, “Look, I got options, I don’t have to narrow down on one person romantically, but I want to.” That person being the only consistency in racing thoughts.

Whenever Willow gets a new beat, she always listens to it a couple of times and listens to the feeling of the track. “I then come up with a one or two word concept or theme,” she continues on the creative process of her music – specifically the new single. “ADHD was obviously the one.” From there, Willow started off with “ADHD, losing track of time.” And went from there! Willow adds: “I let my writing flow without overthinking it too much.”

“Oh my god, this song is so me,” Willow reveals on the relevance of her life to the song. “I mean the line “I’m a simp, I’m a simp, yeah. I act tough, it’s a front, yeah”. Explains me in a nutshell, I’m always trying to play it cool on the outside but deep down I’m just a big baby [laughs].”

On the visual aspect of the single, ‘ADHD’ is a fun song, so Willow basically just drove out to the desert with her girl friends and started shooting the clip.

I just tried to have as much fun as possible. No straight narrative. Taking all seriousness away and just having a good time.

“Lots of singles and visuals to complement them! “Never Call You Again”. It comes out on the 30th! Stay tuned,” Willow concludes in our chat.

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