Introducing: Little Sea

Little Sea is a pop-rock four piece from Sydney, Australia that is ready to take the world by storm. From touring with 5 Seconds of Summer and The Vamps to performing their own shows, Little Sea is releasing more music by the day and getting recognized for their undeniable talent.

Little Sea consists of Andy Butler (vocals), Leighton Cauchi (drums), Dylan Clark (bass) and Oliver Kirby (guitar). The band formed in late 2013 when Butler and Kirby posted the duo performing a cover on their YouTube channel. Cauchi and Clark joined the band in the following months and Little Sea was finally complete.

The band released their debut single “Thank You” in early 2014. The single was featured on their first EP titled Wake The Sun released in July of 2014.  Wake The Sun featured five songs that gave fans a look into the direction of the band. This EP displayed their dynamic sound and caught the attention of record labels when it reached number one on the Australian iTunes chart.

Little Sea signed with Sony Music Australia in 2014 to work on their second EP With You, Without You. The EP was released in 2015 and featured six songs including the band’s most recent single, “Change For Love.” This song showed a bit of a change for the band, channeling a more powerful and sophisticated progression of their sound.

5 Seconds of Summer gave Little Sea the opportunity to open for them at three Australian shows. With the two bands being good friends, it gave Little Sea an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. The crowd reception was huge for the band and helped expand their fan base.

After the 5SOS shows, Little Sea continued to tour on their own and perform at events such as Amplify with Troye Sivan. Little Sea caught the attention of The Vamps as well and were brought on tour to open for them in Australia. Connor Ball from The Vamps even shows his love for the band on his Twitter page.

Little Sea continues to perform free shows for fans around the world in cities such as Los Angeles and London. The band is currently working with Universal Music Publishing and Sony Music Australia to record their debut album. Little Sea is moving upward with their success and is making their way to becoming a household name. Both of the band’s EPs can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

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Written by Kirra Johnson