Introducing Me: Zoe

As the chaos around the holiday season dies down and we all settle into this new year, we are going to take a wild guess that four out of five of your new year’s resolutions have already been broken but it’s okay! You will be relieved to know that most of ours have been broken or forgotten too, but there is one super important resolution which CelebMix made in 2016 that we are determined to keep. We promised to continue improving our site, our social media accounts, and everything else in between, starting with our relationship with our amazing readers.

We want you to get to know the writers at CelebMix; the people who write the news articles you read and the people who make up the quizzes you take when you are meant to be working or studying or doing anything more productive. Without us writers, how would you know which of Michael Clifford’s hair colours you are or which of Hey Violet’s Instagram posts you are? These are important things to know! So welcome to Introducing Me, a new series which will introduce one of our dedicated writers each week so that you can get to know us all a little better and by the end of the series we hope you will agree that we’re a pretty awesome bunch. Here we go…

Hey, I’m Zoe. I’m twenty-one years old and I’m from Stoke-on-Trent… If you’ve never heard of it then don’t fret, it’s not that exciting. All that you need to know is that it is the home of Robbie Williams and the most heavenly things you will ever eat: oatcakes. I am currently unemployed and on the hunt for my next adventure but ultimately I hope to become a writer. I want to start off as a journalist but when I’m older I plan on releasing a series of record-breaking and best-selling novels because you know, I like to dream big. Probably too big sometimes. I also have a degree in Psychology and Child Development which I would still like to put into practice at some point but right now my main focus is writing. And watching Disney movies on repeat. And seeing how many Pringles I can eat in one go. And seeing how many people I can annoy by repeating my story about the time I met Olly Murs over and over again.

Why do I write? First of all, I love it. Writing takes my mind off of things and it allows me to channel all of my crazy emotions into something which I can later reflect on. I have a lot of crazy emotions as I suffer from anxiety so writing really helps me to focus. Secondly, I’d like to think that every piece of writing I put out there is helping or inspiring someone else. Whether it’s a post on my personal blog, a news article on CelebMix, or a rant on Twitter, if it puts a smile on someone’s face or if it gets them to forget their worries for just a few minutes then it’s a victory for me.

How did I become a writer for CelebMix? I had been following CelebMix on Twitter for quite some time before I officially became part of the team and it didn’t take me long to realise just how amazing they were. Not only did they post the latest and most reliable news articles and fun quizzes, but they just generally seemed really positive and friendly. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw a tweet from their Twitter account asking to recruit new writers so I applied right away on that Tuesday morning… Well, it was 1:30pm and I was still wearing my pajamas but we won’t go into that. Literally less than twenty-four hours later I was officially a writer for the CelebMix team. Team CelebMix!

I have written a lot of articles for CelebMix so far but these are my top three: 

  1. 17 Movies Turning Ten In 2017
  2. Why Fans Love Nick Jonas
  3. The Jonas Brothers Are Heading To The Food Network…

Who is my favourite artist? Anyone with the last name Jonas will do.

Who is my favourite actor or actress? Zac Efron

What is my favourite movie? The Lucky One, or anything else Nicholas Sparks.

What is my favourite television show? Lost or Pretty Little Liars, I can’t choose!

Who is my favourite YouTuber? Jenna Marbles

You can find me on Twitter at @StrawberryZoe and please do, I promise I don’t bite.

If you’re not doing so already follow us on Twitter at, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

Hi! I am a 23 year old graduate who loved writing essays so much that I like to do it in my free time too. Some of my other hobbies include listening to music, trying out the latest make-up trends, and catching up on celebrity gossip. I am a small person with lots of big dreams and you can check me out on Twitter, @StrawberryZoe.