Investor Central Club: Meet Kimo Ma, The Founder Behind It

There’s no denying that the quickly changing and highly cutthroat stock trading world of today means that the commitment, willingness and never-say-die attitude to grow and learn more about this industry is important to attain success. 

In a modern world where stocks are shaping the way we live and earn, we must be willing to adapt and embrace changes as we go along in order for us not to get left behind. And in order for us to ride this wave and jump the bandwagon, we must be open to investing in ourselves by choosing and learning from the right mentor like Kimo Ma in order to achieve success in this arena.


Who is Kimo Ma? . 

He is known as a highly respected stock trader and investor who is on a continuous quest and journey in scaling and evolving his strategies. He is also a well-known author of two books (Ultimate Technical Chart Analysis and Options Trading Strategies) and the successful founder of Investor Central Academy. As a trustworthy mentor and guru who has utilized and put to good use his knowledge and experiences, he is proud of the fact that he was able to come up with a polished system which has complimented his edge and helped him grow, thrive and evolve in the stock market trading field. Currently, Kimo is at a point in his life where he is very dedicated and committed in helping thousands of beginners by sharing with them the ropes on how to become successful stock traders/investors and showing them the significant earning potential of stock trading. 


Journey To Success

When asked about the values and principles that he has learned and acquired to get to where he is right now, Kimo responded “One of the best ways to learn is to simply start. Fear will always be there no matter what you decide to do with your career. In trading/investing, it’s the same but the only way to learn any new skill set is by starting and experiencing it first-hand.”

Apart from that, having the right mindset is really vital and essential as a novice or newbie. According to Kimo, those who are starting out tend to dive into the stock market just to look for a way to get rich in a very quick amount of time. Having this kind of mindset is wrong as it would prevent them from succeeding in becoming rich. Instead, he suggests that beginners should continue to learn (no matter what) while grasping what is realistic vs. a fantasy. And since it’s not possible for them to attain the same success level of those with more experience, they should stop comparing themselves so they don’t get hurt. This is the reason why he wants to remind neophytes, rookies and newcomers to appreciate their journey because every person has their own timeline and they should trust the process and believe in themselves that they can do it instead of thinking that they can’t. 


Key Projects and Key Goals

Kimo is planning to start ICC’s Proprietary trading firm and eventually start his own hedge fund in the future. Currently, he is expanding their discord chatroom where it’s full of tools and resources: 

  • Real-time Option Flow (Follow the Smart Money)
  • Darkpool Equity Block Prints
  • Unusual Options Activity (Real-time)
  • Algorithm Flowscanner
  • Trade Ideas and Alerts
  • Daily Watchlists
  • Daily Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades
  • Daily Analyst Price Target Changes
  • Breaking News and Market Insights
  • Beginner Education Videos
  • Daily Economic Calendar
  • Earnings Calendar
  • Trading Scripts, Hundreds of Books, & Resources
  • And much more!  


Other Life Advice

When asked what people hoping and working to follow his career path should focus on, Kimo said to Show UP. If they want something as badly as they say they do, they should be up and ready to put in the WORK!

He also shared a famous quote from a well-known and popular economist. Like John Maynard Keynes said, “the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” So for him, one must not focus on how much money they want/need to make. Instead, Kimo advises to focus on consistency and progress instead. 

It also pays off to keep one’s emotions in check. According to Kimo, emotions and mental health is REAL! So traders shouldn’t trade when they’re too happy or too sad. Instead, it’s better to find a hobby or exercise to reduce stress and keep their mental health in check. 

All in all, he recommends everyone to keep striving forward in learning about stock trading because the knowledge behind the financial markets will allow them to build generational wealth!

Ready to learn and earn with ICC? Visit this link for more information. You can also visit Kimo’s discord chatroom where you can find thousands of traders who are ready to tackle the markets together or follow these Instagram accounts @investorcentralclub  @kimoma.ic to get updates and other details. 

Written by TedFuel