Is A Nightmare on Elm Street Likely to Return as a Series?

A Nightmare on Elm Street was Wes Craven’s fifth big screen release, but it’s the film that put the legendary horror director on the map. This highly original twist on the traditional slasher saw the killer targeting victims in their sleep and struck fear into viewers at the time.

Not only did the 1984 picture lead to six sequels and a television series entitled A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Nightmares, but it also spawned a remake in 2010. There has been talk about there being another reboot. However, it could be argued that a modern series is the way forward for this franchise.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Still Well-Known in Modern Pop Culture

A Nightmare on Elm Street may have first been released over 35 years ago, but it still lives on in popular culture. Indeed, even modern audiences have heard of the iconic slasher featuring Freddy Krueger.

There are various ways that people have been able to spark an interest in the classic. Some more recent generations will have discovered Craven through the Scream franchise and may have gone back to watch his past works. Others could have seen Samuel Bayer’s remake and decided to compare it to the original.

In the gaming industry, there are numerous ways to discover what many people believe is one of the greatest horror films ever. For example, in Dead By Daylight, players can play as the character The Nightmare, which is fashioned on Krueger. The game from Behaviour Interactive is hugely popular among horror fans and features other characters based on well-known killers like Leatherface and Michael Myers.

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Horror Themes are Growing More Prevalent in Series Form

There has been talk about rebooting A Nightmare on Elm Street again since 2015, but it could be argued that in the modern climate it would work better as a series. In the age of competition between streaming platforms, Netflix or one of the other major players could chuck a high budget at the project and bring something totally new to the table.

Revitalising A Nightmare on Elm Street as a series would attract people who loved the films, but it would also appeal to fans of shows like American Horror Story and the highly-rated All of Us Are Dead. In addition to that, it would be a great tribute to the memory of the late director of the original. A series could explore many of the different themes from the movie franchise, along with the old series from the 1980s.

The last reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street wasn’t well-received, and it has a 15 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, bringing it back in movie format probably isn’t a good idea. It could work well as a series, though, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this happen in the future.

Written by Monella