Is it Worth going Wild for Troye Sivan’s new EP WILD?


Australian Actor, Youtuber and Singer/Songwriter Troye Sivan has released a ‘6 song installment’ (WILD) The EP is a gateway to the new music to come in the future. Troye himself announced that a new album is going to be released?! Troye you have us on edge! Put us to ease already.. See what I did there?? Our favourite Australian is also going to be doing shows in October???!! Okay yep I am definitely going WILD!

Not too mention, Troye’s fans and Shawn Mendes fans had a little PopCrush spat for ‘King of Young Hollywood’. But that happens all the time so its nothing big.
Troye’s previous installment; TRXYE, was the #3 most reblogged music release of 2014! So WILD has quite a reputation to live up too. TRXYE also was #1 in 66 territories.
Troye also own many YouTube related awards; for example: Kids choice award for Favourite Aussie/Kiwi internet sensation; Won Teen’s Choice award for Best Web Collaboration with fellow Youtuber and all round nice guy Tyler Oakley, for the very popular video The Boyfriend Tag.
The songs consist of WILD, BITE, FOOLS, EASE, THE QUIET, DKLA; which are all songs about long distance relationships, family and just random clubbing (like ya do Troye) The particular song, WILD was premiered on Nova 969, an Australian radio show; which was recorded by eager fans and posted on social media such as Tumblr, Instagram ect.
 As of the 5th of August, 5pm WILD (EP) is second on the itunes UK charts to Iron Maiden; and WILD (video) is 11th on the iTunes charts.
So, don’t be FOOLS, #BuyWILDoniTunes . Or be rebels and stream it on Spotify.

Written by CelebMix