Is there a Real Celebrity Casino?

Celebrities are just like everyone else deep down. They enjoy letting their hair down, and having fun. For some people that means they enjoy playing at casinos. However, playing at a casino can often require concentration, which means that they want some peace and quiet. Does this mean that there are celebrity-only casinos?

Finding a Celeb Casino

To put it simply, there aren’t any celebrity-only casinos out there. The main reason behind this, is that there wouldn’t be enough custom to keep it operating long term. However, there are ways around this that some celebs have found. One way that lots of celebrities use to play casinos in peace, is to find an online casino to play at. By searching for the best sites, or using a review site, such as, is that celebrities are able to play anonymously without anyone knowing who they are. This is obviously a big positive.

There are a number of celebrities who prefer to play at the online Poker table, as opposed to at a real life casino. It means that there is always the chance that you are playing against someone famous when you sit down at the online table without even knowing it.

If they still want to play in person, there are other ways that they get around the problem of without being mobbed by people. This is by entering into VIP areas at regular casinos. These will allow them to play in comfort, without the issues of being hassled by people while they try to play a hand of Blackjack or bet at the Roulette wheel. 

Celebrities who Play at Casinos

One of the most famous celebrities who enjoys playing at casinos, is Ben Affleck. What sets Affleck apart from other celebs, is that he is really good at it. In fact, in the past, Ben Affleck was barred from playing Blackjack at some casinos, because he was winning so often. It means that Ben had the choice of either finding another game to play, or leaving the venue. 

As they are best friends, it’s not a surprise to find out that Matt Damon is also a fan of playing at casinos. Just like Ben, he likes card games, but instead of focusing on a game that’s just against a dealer, Damon prefers to play Poker. He has competed in several different tournaments. Damon is a pretty good player too, simply because Poker is against other players rather than against the house, and so his success won’t see him being asked to leave. 

So, if you visit a casino in Las Vegas, there is always a chance that you might see Ben Affleck or Matt Damon playing there. Just don’t go looking for either of them at the Blackjack table, because you won’t find them.

Written by Monella