Isaiah releases music video for his single “Streets of Gold”

On 28th July, Isaiah released the audio for his single “Streets of Gold”. Today, the singer went on to release the music video for the said single. He made the announcement via his Twitter channel:

The music video depicts Isaiah’s journey back to his roots/home. The “home” here refers to both his loved ones as well as his music.

No matter how many countries he goes performs at (referred to as “Streets of Gold”), Isaiah realizes that his real happiness lies in making music and being with his close ones. This video is kind of testimony to singer’s sensibility and down to earth attitude.

Visually, the music video is beautiful. It looks more like the singer’s tour diary as he showcases his journey to stardom. It also includes his time at Eurovision 2017 where he represented his country Australia.

With regards to music, in our review for the single, we said,

The single is phonetically pleasing to hear. Played primarily on guitar and piano, the music builds up the mood of the listener and the climatic vibes gives unique flavour to the song.

Check out the video below:

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Written by Ayushi

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