Ivytide explore the feelings of vulnerability and openness in their new EP ‘softy’

Ivytide is the music project of three friends from Montreal, Canada, who also happen to love indie pop music. The name comes from the marriage of their initial interest in floral aesthetic & the accompaniment of smooth, flowing, experimental RnB. Hence ivy (flowers) and tide (waves).

“Great, and very excited about our EP release,” the trio tells CelebMix. “It came out on September 1st & it’s called ‘softy’. The songs on that EP mean a lot to us personally, and lyrically they come from a very vulnerable place. Hopefully, people can find something to resonate with within the songs.”

“Having people who enjoy our music listen to something new is always a great experience. The reception so far has been great, and it’s truly appreciated.”


Ivytide’s newest EP “softy” encapsulates feelings of vulnerability and openness in the early stages of a relationship. Finding it difficult to divulge conjured up feelings, this body of work is an unapologetic expression of thoughts held in passing. Every song on the EP addresses specific insecurity with regards to the relationship, hence the ironic play on words in the title “softy”.

“Both the sound and lyrics of the songs capture a certain softness, excitement, and uncertainty brought on by a new relationship,” the band explains about the story of the EP. “The singer-songwriter elements are often paired with upbeat hip-hop style drums on this project, to create an endless repetition of emotionally packed, feel-good songs that are bound to get stuck in your head, which is what was we were going for when we wrote them initially.”

When it came to the creative process of this EP, Ivytide did everything themselves. Often times one band member would start a demo and bring it to the other members and build upon it, other times they would start writing from scratch as a band. The main difference in this creative process was COVID, which forced them to focus on their craft of writing rather than performing. All of their songs are related to experiences in our lives, so the songs are typically about things they can all relate to in some way or another.

Of the songs on the EP, ”Rent free” is a current favorite of the band, as this is a song that showcases a strong performance with its mix of pop chorus and rap verses. “If you’re feeling a bit moody then “miss u btw” is a good slower, more emotional song,” the band added.

With that said though, this is the type of EP the band wants you, the listener, to know how we feel and to relate (if they can) to the vulnerable lyrics about relationships. Whether that is through songs like ‘ouest side’, ‘talk about it’, or just the entire EP from start to finish.

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