J U S T P R O C E S S Releases "I Already Know" ft. Joannie Jimenez

J U S T P R O C E S S Releases “I Already Know” ft. Joannie Jimenez

Previously from the Philadelphia electronic pop group City Rain, Ben Runyan is now the face of the one-man musical experience, J U S T P R O C E S S.

With City Rain, he ended up winning a MTVU Freshman contest and had a song featured on MTV’s Catfish, as well as on other shows. With J U S T P R O C E S S, Ben hopes to develop artists through the vessel of slick electronic pop.

For his latest single, “I Already Know”, the track features Joannie Jimenez’ soulful vocals backed up by Ben’s entrancing electronic symphony.

In the music video for “I Already Know”, Jace Moody is thinking of her former love coming back into her life. Her dancing throughout the video resembles her fighting her way through the thoughts of their past together, and how she can’t stop thinking about being with him again. As soon as her lover stops by, she leaves with him because in that moment, she “already knows” they’re meant to be together.

Check out the music video for “I Already Know” below:

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