JackSepticEye: “How Did We Get Here?” Show Review

Irish YouTube gaming sensation JackSepticEye brought his show How Did We Get Here? to Edinburgh this Sunday to the absolutely packed Playhouse, and boy did the phenomenal Irish Laddy being the house down.

Before Jack even came onto the stage, fans were delighted to be welcomed by the creator of gaming simulation “Dream Daddy”, Vernon Shaw. He started the show off by allowing a member of the audience to play the original Super Mario Bros… blindfolded. The only thing that got the player through the levels was the audience shouting “jump” when needed, and let’s just say, it didn’t go too well…

Once Jack arrived on stage, there was not a silent member of the audience in the house. He brought his story of how he became the gaming sensation he is today. Growing up in a very small village with a population over 600 people it was hard to make a name for himself, thus the journey of JackSepticEye began.

Of course this would not be a JackSepticEye show without some gaming, and five lucky members of the audience were brought up on stage to take part in tackling some of the obstacles that faced Jack theoughout his life, for example; fear, depression, boredom and the scariest of all RENT. Each member got the chance to sit in his iconic green gaming chair as they played games such as Pokémon, Shadow of the Colossus and of course to the surprise of literally any Jack fan, Happy Wheels. After each player got the chance to play the game, the lovely Irishman gave them a beanie with his logo and phrase of motivation “Postive Mental Attitude” embroidered at the front, whether they won or lost.

Probably the best part of the show was the overall message and what he had to say at the end, describing: no matter what you face, you can overcome it, don’t let anything hold you back in life. He emphasised that it was the YouTube audience that helped him get to the place that he is today and he will be forever grateful. Jack happily said with so much passion that, it doesn’t matter who you are, what religion you are, your skin colour, race or sexuality, it doesn’t matter, we must all support each other and have a “Postive Mental Attitude” to life. We must pick each other up and support each other because although we are all different people, we are all in the same boat and community where we should be sharing love and support to each other, NOT hate.

To the bottom of our hearts here at CelebMix, thank you JackSepticEye for not only being a phenomenal YouTuber, bringing joy to literally millions of people, but for being such an amazing and down to earth person! We wish you all the best in the world!



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Written by Kay Simpson

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