Jacob Whitesides’ Faces on Film EP is out NOW

Jacob Whitesides’ recent addition of “Faces on Film” EP is off the roof. LITERALLY. The responses for this particular EP had been all together stunning.

We have taken it upon ourselves to interview some dedicated fans and the reactions were all together brilliant.

One fan, @jacobyears, said: The reason why I love this EP is because every song has a meaning to it, and I really relate to the lyrics. Jacob has worked so hard on this EP and it really shows. You can see how much he has improved both as a songwriter, but also as a singer. I also love how all the songs are so different from the songs he has released in the past, overall the EP really is amazing.

Many fans like @simplyjmw and @jacobyears had responded with, “relatable,” “down-to-earth,” and “genuine”.

The 17 year old boy from Knoxville, Tennessee has once again outdid himself and we wonder what big plans he has in the future. We know we will support him 100%.

Be sure to grab a copy of Faces on Film, which you can purchase on iTunes here, or if you don’t have any money, do not fret! You can listen to the full EP on Jacob’s Youtube channel here.

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Written by CelebMix