Jaden Smith is Louis Vuitton’s Latest Model

Jaden Smith is breaking into a new aspect of the entertainment industry he hasn’t already covered: modelling. Rumors have been swirling the past couple months that Jaden would be modeling for Louis Vuitton. Well, the rumors were finally confirmed today as Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton, posted a picture of Jaden on his Instagram, posing for the brand. Jaden will be the face of Louis Vuitton for the 2016 Spring/Summer Campaign.

Jaden Smith is Louis Vuitton's Latest Model 2

The best part about Jaden Smith leading the Louis Vuitton’s campaign is the fact that he is modeling women’s clothing. He is completely defying gender roles by doing so. This is not the first time that Jaden has ignored gender role;. Just last year, he attended prom with actress,Amanda Sternberg, while wearing a black and white dress. He has continued to show that he doesn’t care about labels or what people think of him. In an interview just last year, he said that he simply decides what to wear from how he feels. Jaden sees clothes as a form of expressing himself, instead of having his clothes define him as a boy or girl.

The whole Smith family seems like they want to focus on fashion for the time being. Just last year, Jaden’s younger sister, Willow, was the face of the Marc Jacobs for their 2015 autumn/spring collection. Can’t wait to see what the world of fashion holds for this whole family. Perhaps this is just the first step for the siblings before they start designing their own lines of clothing.

In the meantime, more and more pictures are started to be released from the campaign. Check out this one that just came out.

Jaden Smith is Louis Vuitton's Latest Model 1

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Written by CelebMix