JAGMAC Drops Irresistible “Motivation”

Pop outfit JAGMAC, made up of six siblings, takes the wraps off their new single/music video, “Motivation.” Radio Disney baptized JAGMAC the “Next Big Thing.”

Made up of four brothers and two sisters – Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manjo, Alyssa, and CJ – naturally, family plays a big role in JAGMAC’s music.

Talking about “Motivation,” Gabriel says, “It was inspired by life moments that motivated us to pursue our dream. It examines our life together too. We mention singing on a karaoke machine, which is a big thing in Filipino culture. Our Polish grandfather always hoped we’d win a GRAMMY®, so we reference that as well. We’re telling the fans we’re still in this and doing what we love.”

While growing up, the siblings studied martial arts at their father’s martial arts school and discovered their love for music singing in church, followed by performing locally. By 2014, the group was attracting beaucoup attention, followed by serious airplay on Sirius XM and landing on Spotify playlists. They hit the top spot on Billboard’s Breakout Chart and soared into the upper echelons of the au courant charts.

Since then, JAGMAC numbers tell a tale of massive sonic charisma: 23 million views, including 19.5 million on TikTok, and more than 2.5 million streams. They’ve shared the stage with Little Mix, Chainsmokers, CNCO, Becky G, Ava Max, Nathan Sykes, and Mr. Probz.

“Motivation” opens on contagious Latin-flavored guitars riding a thumping rhythm exuding tangs of voluptuous cadence. Undulating layers of coloration infuse the sonic flow with sensual-lite textures, while delicious vocals attended by radiant, cashmere harmonies imbue the lyrics with enticing swanky, sashaying movement.

The video, directed by Director Homie, depicts the siblings working hard at their day jobs, fueling their dreams of success by means of staying motivated, keeping the ultimate goal – providing for their family – in sight. Their ‘motivation’ sustains them as they wait on customers in restaurants, walk dogs, fix cars, mow lawns, and lifeguard at pools.

Stylish and captivating, “Motivation” offers infectious washes of sound with polished harmonies atop an alluring, sinuous rhythm.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.