Jake Lancer Debuts Electrifying New Single “Feel Your Love”

NYC based Jake Lancer has just unveiled his debut single “Feel Your Love”.  The new track is the first song off of his forthcoming EP Take Off! set for release later this year. 

“Feel Your Love” is an electronic pop dance anthem of decadence. The song is a personal account of the singer not feeling comfortable in his skin as a gay closeted man. Trying to fill the void of personal confidence and acceptance, Lancer instead looked to others for validation which ended in disaster. He confides, “I wrote “Feel Your Love” in a time of loneliness, craving validation and intimacy, while also looking outward to fulfill my innate shame as a gay man.  My debut single “Feel Your Love” is my Dance-pop fantasy, romanticizing intimacy, and the illusion that is unfulfilled by the apps and “gay” hookup culture.”  The song bleeds emotion with seductive and soulful vocals culminating into a climatic chorus. Sonically, “Feel Your Love” showcases bright synths, EDM-drenched beats and a funk-filled bass for an upbeat dance track. 

Jake Lancer is deeply influenced by innovative artists including Lady Gaga, Davie Bowie and ABBA. He is a fervent and outspoken advocate for gay rights and mental health awareness and aims to create music that is honest, raw and inspirational.

Take a listen to Jake Lancer’s “Feel Your Love” now and tweet us @celebmix with your thoughts on his debut track.





Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast
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