Jake Roche & Jesy Nelson: Two Love Birds With The Biggest Hearts

Jake Roche & Jesy Nelson are definitely relationship goals, but they’re also endearing and have the hugest hearts in the world. Here’s a couple reason’s why that’s the case.

First, have you seen the amount of love they show each other through social media? It’s absolutely adorable and its a perfect example of how confident and proud they are of their relationship. They don’t care what anyone thinks; that in itself is an important part of any relationship – not allowing the media to bother you to bits. Because after all, it’s just the media.

33 weeks ago, Jake Roche proposed to Jesy Nelson and he even posted a picture on Instagram detailing the events. Utterly beautiful. He says:

“A year ago today I met her at manchester arena, so it was only right, with a little help from my friend, that this happened. Best day of my life”


Can someone pass the tissue please?

It’s so beautiful seeing how supportive these two are of each other. Isn’t that what every couple should be like? Of course, not every relationship is perfect but always knowing that at the end of the day a bond will never be broken despite life’s obstacles.

We remember seeing Jesy being incredibly insecure long ago, and to see her grow into a more confident woman is beautiful. Now, she has found someone that appreciates that confidence and independent spirit in herself. Jake Roche is a great and supportive lad by the looks of it and we’re happy to see that.

Also Jake & Jesy, we were wondering if we could be invited to the wedding. You know? Documenting the whole thing? We’d be highly honored to do the task!

Plus by the time you guys are actually married, Little Mix will have achieved international domination.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.