James Billett teams up with Black Minds Matter UK for ‘What Will They Say About Us’

Folk singer James Billett has teamed up with Black Minds Matter UK for his latest release, ‘What Will They Say About Us’.

A song released in the wake of Minnesota protests as the George Floyd murder sparked a global upheaval, ‘What Will They Say About Us’ sees James Billett tackle the topic of Black Lives Matter as he collaborates with mental health charity Black Minds Matter UK.

The partnership comes as Billett prepares to release this new single. Previously known for his exploration of gay rights on ‘Faith Over Family’, Billett now turns his hand to the difficult and painful topic of the violation of Black safety and lives which we see the world over.

Black Minds Matter UK is an essential charity who aim to provide free and accessible mental health services for Black families all over the country. Formed just days after the murder of George Floyd, Black Minds Matter UK aims to combat the deterioration of Black mental health which has become all too common in the world today.

This partnership will see Billett fundraising for this fantastic charity, and donating a percentage of the proceeds from this single towards their efforts to bring accessible mental health support to Black families all over the UK. 

‘What Will They Say About Us’ is out now (watch the video below), and you can reach Black Minds Matter @blackmindsmatter.uk on Instagram. Let us know what you think over at @CelebMix

Written by Emma

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