James Corden Broadcasts ‘The Late Late Show’ From A Fan’s House

To commemorate his first year as the host of The Late Late Show, James Corden decided to do something special and invite himself into the home of a stranger to shoot the show. During his second week as host, James and the Late Late crew crashed the home of a man named Tommy, and broadcast the show from there. James chose to end the season the way it began and once again entered the home of a stranger.

Corden and company walked around a neighborhood just six blocks from the CBS studios and knocked on the doors of unsuspecting residents. “Can you imagine if we just did this for the hour,” James wondered aloud, after a few rejections. Eventually, Corden happened upon the home of Natalie, Taylor, Melodie, and Adam. The group was more than excited to host the show in their home, even asking if they would be doing Carpool Karaoke (sadly, no).

After helping himself to some pizza, and insisting that there be more chicken wings, The Late Late Show had officially moved house–at least for one night.

The show began as usual, with James delivering his monologue in the living room. Viewers were encouraged to tweet along with the hashtag #NataliesHouse. Corden was full of laughs as he delivered his punchlines to a small room of people.

Corden then brought out his first guests–the owners of the home. After thanking them for being there, Corden began the interview. After learning that Adam and Taylor were engaged, Corden excitedly offered to marry the couple, which they readily agreed to.

Colin Farrell was the first official guest of the evening. He came, bearing a basket full of treats. Next to join was Wanda Sykes, who brought a pineapple for the hosts. Demi Lovato was third to join, bearing no gifts, but making up for it with a killer performance later in the evening.

Corden later challenged Natalie, Colin, Wanda, Reggie and Demi to a game of hide-and-seek. The group scattered as James slowly counted to 20. Wanda opted to hide in plain sight, and simply took Reggie’s seat in the living room across from Corden. It seemed to work; James walked right past Wanda as he searched for the others.

James Corden Broadcasts 'The Late Late Show' From A Fan's House 2

After finding Natalie and Demi fairly quickly, he made his way back to the living room, where he finally noticed Wanda. He immediately burst into laughter, asking if Wanda was there the whole time. She insisted that she was, jokingly adding that it was a “little bit racist.” Colin was found last, admitting that “It’s not as much fun winning; When you win you just feel unloved!”


Corden brought out his final guest, who brought his own guests. Jack Hannah arrived, along with several animals: a skunk, a bush baby, a couple of otters, and even a bald eagle!

The show closed with a performance from Lovato. Accompanied by a piano in the home’s dining room, the singer delivered a beautiful, show-stopping performance of Stone Cold.
James Corden Broadcasts 'The Late Late Show' From A Fan's House 2

It seems that no matter the place, James Corden is always able to put on a spectacular show. Be it in a car, or in a stranger’s home, the show will go on, and it will do so fabulously. Ending his first year with a bang and lots of laughs leaves us excited for the years to come and the tricks that are sure to be up Corden’s sleeve.

James Corden Broadcasts 'The Late Late Show' From A Fan's House 3

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Written by CelebMix