James Hill wins Celebrity Big Brother 2015!

James has been voted the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2015! He survived all the arguments and has now left the house!

In his winners interview with Emma Willis, The Apprentice star was asked why the public had chosen to pick him amongst all the other housemates.

”No idea, I’ve been myself from the beginning and tried to put people first and think about peoples feelings” he said.

The star claimed he ”didn’t have a strategy” going into the house or ”a game plan”, he said that he just goes with his ‘heart’ and his ‘gut’.

Emma asked the newly crowned winner on how he would describe his relationship with Austin in the house: ”Outrageous. That guy is my number one, he is brilliant” James told Emma.

James was quizzed on how he kept his cool in the house, ”I just start listening, you know what? Having an argument where you scream and you shout at someone, you don’t get a result”, the star explained.

Emma concluded the interview by asking James whether him and Austin will remain friends, and he answered: ”I hope so, I think he’s a great lad, what hes been through in his life is inspirational”.

Celebrity Big Brother will return in January 2016 with another bunch of fiery housemates!

Written by CelebMix