James McVey: Aside from the guitar playing

Vamps member James McVey is most known for playing guitar and backing vocals but there are so many other things that not everybody may know that make us love James so much more.

He is big on showing his appreciation for their fans on Twitter and on more than one occasion had referred to us as a family not fans. This just shows us how highly he thinks of all of the fans and how much of an impact his career has had on his life.

Being in a band who are touring more than not also means that you are away from your family a lot so for him to see us as family makes us feel so special and it makes us feel a part of something great.

Another thing that James gets really involved in is charity work. Over the years we’ve been able to see him working with charities to help make a difference to issues close to him. Two of the main ones he works with are Anti-Bullying Pro and Peta which he often tweets about to spread the awareness, you can also read about that here.

Another way he tries to spread awareness for issues and topics he is passionate about is through his YouTube channel which he launched in September. Since then he has covered things such as bullying, acne and staying positive. These videos show us how much he is willing to help people from his own experiences whether they are a fan of his or just searching online for some help. He’s touched on how acne affected his confidence yet he still makes time to meet fans and make them feel comfortable even if he doesn’t feel confident himself.

There is nothing better than seeing him happy and you can see that he tries his best to make each of his fans happy even just from a small tweet and even goes out of his way to meet fans.

Despite him thinking he comes across shy when he meets people he is not afraid to voice his opinion on twitter. He is such a caring person and is always wanting to be real to us and show us what he’s really about!

He can often be faced with a lot of negative comments on social media but he is always the first in the band to try and resolve it and piece everything back together which is an important trait to have. His voice often goes under appreciated but it never fails to amaze us and every live performance just reminds us how talented he is.

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Written by CelebMix