James McVey Speaks Up About Emotions

Alongside being in The Vamps, James McVey also works with a lot of charities. Recently he has been closely working with HeForShe to speak up about mens emotions and gender stereotypes.

“Emotion is not gender specific- however- when we treat it like it is- it can have massive consequences for both men and women” 

James McVey speaks up about emotions 1 James McVey speaks up about emotions 2

He has also written his first piece on Huffington Post where he speaks more in depth about his opinions and views on the topic. James touches on how as a generation we are more comfortable with talking about emotions but the rate of suicide for men is much greater than women. It is the biggest killer for men between age 18 and 45.

He believes that emotion has no gender and he wishes to break the stereotypes surrounding emotions.

As well as this, his YouTube channel is featuring a variety of videos speaking up about these topics and his views on them. They seem to be getting so many positive responses with people wanting to speak up about their own experiences surrounding the topics also. From the videos and his social media posts, you can see how passionate he is about gender and emotions.

If you follow James you may also be aware of him appearing on the radio station LBC to talk about a variety of topics. This week he was on the line during a discussion about mens mental health and added to it by saying that “The answer is for men to ‘go against the gender constructs’ and be open and honest about how they feel.”

It is really important that he has spread his message online to reach as many people as possible who it will hopefully help to inspire!

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