James McVey spreads awareness for Kindness Day

Aside from being in the popular band The Vamps, James McVey also likes to support charities that he believes need more awareness. With being an ambassador for Anti – Bullying Pro and today being Kindness Day he was asked to do a Q&A to help spread the word.

So many fans sent in their questions for James on the topic of bullying and he gave some really interesting answers which will definitely help people with any issues they may be struggling with. This was a great opportunity and, with a following of 1.5M on Twitter, it for sure made people aware of the charity whilst also offering some advice.

Struggling with bullying in the past, James could give some advice from his own experience which is really nice to see and it also shows how willing he is to be there for the supporters of him and the band. It is really empowering to see big names using their social media platforms to help with such important issues in today’s society.

We are sure that his Twitter Q&A will help people further than the specific people he replied too and things like this can really make a difference to somebody’s life.

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Written by CelebMix