Jess Ball explores the anger and annoyance of ended relationships in ‘Thank You’

Thank You’ is Jess Ball’s final f*ck you to that former partner who has caused anger and annoyance at the end of a relationship.

Following on from the release of the Melbourne singer-songwriter’s ‘Upside Down‘, Jess’ new single additionally explores the notion of grappling with feelings of wasted effort and irritation when a partner leaves you for another.

While the song is a pretty, dandy pop anthem, the lyrics themselves actually touch on the inner feelings of heartbreak and how putting effort into something isn’t a total waste of time.

“Though the song sings ‘thank you,’ it really means ‘screw you,’ giving the song a really sarcastic tone throughout,” Jess says about the release of her new song. “Most people could probably think of a time where they haven’t been treated well, or have been stuffed around by someone, and this is a tribute to all of them.”

While some relationships serve you some good and teach you lessons worth learning, others are a complete waste of time.

Jess Ball

This is a raw look into the lyrical prowess of Jess Ball as she showcases a story that hits close to home for many people, and features a delicate display of acoustics, that accompanies the euphoric nature of her signature pop-inspired sound.

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