Jesse McCartney Releases Acoustic Version of "Wasted"

Jesse McCartney Releases Acoustic Version of “Wasted”

If you loved Jesse McCartney’s song “Wasted,” you’re going to adore the acoustic version of it!

According to Jesse on Instagram, this stripped down version of “Wasted” is good for the morning after the party. With lyrics like, “You only call when you’re wasted / You like to call me when you’re high / And baby trust me that’s alright / Cause I will answer every time / But we should be taking this places,” the song is all about someone clearly being wasted or high, but one of the two wanting something more. Something more serious, that possibly doesn’t include any alcohol or drugs.

It’s all fun and games until one of the two wants something a little more serious, because they truly care about the other person. But the real question is, do they feel the same?

So what better time for the song than after the party the incident happened at? Even if the lyrics aren’t exactly what happened to you, it’s still a feel good song to listen to when someone only calls you or hangs out with you when THEY need you. It’s 2018, we don’t have time for that.

Even if a similar situation didn’t happen to you, it’s still such a great and catchy song.

Listen to Jesse’s acoustic version of “Wasted” below:

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