Are Jez and Steph ready for kids?

Are they on or are they off? It’s hard to keep up! But, we seem to finally be able to say that Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis have confirmed that the relationship is very much ON (and more serious than ever!)

With the loved up pair having already endured a whirlwind start to their relationship since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, the pair have revealed that they may have found “the one.”

Are Jez and Steph ready for kids? 4

With cheating rumours emerging before Stephanie even left the CBB house, somehow, the pair managed to come through stronger than ever, showing that they are more in love than ever with pictures of the two ring shopping being released into the press. However, a week later, reports revealed that the pair had hit a rocky patch and that a split was on the cards, just in time for their first TV interview together – leading it to be postponed.

But, HURRAH! True love prevails, with the two of them FINALLY appearing on ITV’s Loose Women. The two appeared on the panel show looking loved up, claiming that they would like kids and marriage is on the cards.

Katie Price, show presenter, asked the Irish model nicknamed by Stephanie as “Jez,”whether he was prepared to be with Steph for the rest of his life, “yes or no?” to which he replied with a firm “yes” much to the cheers of the live audience.

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Loose Women © ITV

Stephanie also shared news about the strength of their relationship stating, “we’ll take things step by step, definitely kids.”

Watch the interview here:

The content of the interview has left fans confused as to whether Jeremy and Stephanie are genuinely together or if they are milking the press, one thing we’re sure of is that the drama is sure to continue…

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Written by Zara Gibson