JK Rowling confesses one of her books not good enough for publication!

The pressure on JK Rowling to follow up the massive success of Harry Potter with something equally compelling, acclaimed and successful must have been humungous, but the British writer always maintained she would follow up her tales of a boy wizard and his two best friend with a political Fairytale aimed at a slightly younger audience than Harry Potter.

Her post-Potter career has still seen her work met with acclaim and success, and she has launched a new series of books in the form of the Cormoran Strike novels, of which she has already published three under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. Though she did dabble in politics with her first follow up novel to Harry Potter, The Casual Vacancy, Rowling’s political fairytale for children never materialised, and in one of her many discussions with her fans and followers on Twitter, she has finally explained why.

Rowling has said that the novel is finished, but in a drawer at her home as she didn’t like the novel enough to publish it.

A key part to the fans original question went unanswered, though; she asked Rowling if we would ever get a chance to read the book, and though in her answer she said she didn’t like it, Rowling never specifically said that the book would never be published. She certainly seems to be discussing the political fairytale in the past tense, too, so maybe one day she will take to it again and, after a  bit of tweaking, finally find it suitable for publication!

Lets face it, though; this is JK Rowling. Even if she doesn’t like it, there’ll be millions and millions of people across the world who probably would…us included!

Luckily, with more Cormoran Strike novels on the way and a TV series adapted from the novels in production, and not to forget the Harry Potter spin off trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first of which is scripted by Rowling and released later this year, even if Rowling never releases her political fairytale for Children, we’ve still got enough of her writing coming our way to keep us excited!

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Written by CelebMix