Joe Jonas Looks Gorgeous In The Newest Issue Of “Vogue Hombre”

Joe Jonas is certainly no stranger to opening up but when the musician recently took a trip to sunny Mexico, he sat down with Vogue Hombre and opened up even more. In his most recent interview, the DNCE frontman talked about everything from teaming up with Rod Stewart for a cover of a legendary song, the disbanding of the Jonas Brothers and how he deals with exes in the public eye.

He also posed for some gorgeous pictures for the magazine. We’ll get to those soon, we promise!

The interview for Vogue Hombre took place during Joe’s most recent visit to Mexico City, in which he was doing his duty as the face of GUESS’ Spring 2017 line. The former Jonas Brother (well, technically he is still a Jonas brother…) spoke highly of the area, saying it is like, “a second home,” to him. “I come often. It’s one of my favourite places,” he revealed.

The singer also talked about his performance at this year’s Video Music Awards, of which he and his band DNCE took to the stage with Rod Stewart for a cover of, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”. “We recorded the song a year ago. He [Rod Stewart] invited me to be part of a duet for his new album and I asked if we could sing Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. Performing it at the VMA’s with him was an incredible experience.”

“It’s not every day you get the chance to sing with one of your idols,” Joe gushed.

Joe also talked to the magazine about his former band of brothers’ split back in 2013. “It was a difficult decision and one of the toughest conversations I’ve ever had. Nick was the one who initiated the conversation, but all of us made the decision. We all had our own interests and there were many things that we had said no to because we were focused on the band.”

“The next two months were very hard,” he revealed. “But today, I can say that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. All of us took our own paths but we’re a family and we are continuing to support each other.”

Following the Jonas Brothers’ split, Joe took some time off. He told Vogue Hombre that he took a couple of years off to find out what he really wanted to do. It wasn’t long before he realised he wanted to go back into the studio and get back into music. A short while later, DNCE was created. “Now we have had two years touring the world and we have not stopped making music!”

“There is so much negativity in the world now, we want to make music that makes people happy.”

It can’t be easy being a celebrity and as well as his music, Joe is well aware of the world’s interest in his personal life. “I think my fans know me better than I know myself,”  he said, before revealing how he deals with his exes in the glaring public eye.

“I have a girlfriend,” he told the magazine, referring to his now-fiancee Sophie Turner, “but I try to maintain friendships with my exes. It depends… Some relationships are better left alone. If it ended bad then it’s difficult to have a friendship, but I’m not the kind of person who holds grudges.”

Now about those gorgeous pictures we mentioned earlier… Prepare to swoon:

Joe Jonas in Vogue Hombre

Joe Jonas in Vogue Hombre

Joe Jonas in Vogue Hombre

You can read Joe Jonas’ full interview with Vogue Hombre on their website, here.

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