Promo image of Jaki Nelson wearing a light blue bikini on the left and Joey Suarez in a pair of light blue board swim shorts posing on a balcony in the sun, with the single artwork of "The Shufflez" in the top right of the image, which is mainly black with white text.
Original image taken by Jared Alexander Ross.

Joey Suarez & Jaki Nelson Collaborate Again For Addicting New Single “The Shufflez”

This week saw Joey Suarez team-up with Jaki Nelson again for their brand new single “The Shufflez”. This is their third official collaboration following “Never Coming Down” and “Changing History” and has been released to promote their collaboration album, titled The Shufflez.

The former model turned singer, Joey Suarez has been focusing on his music career for a few years now. He has gained popularity through Instagram and TikTok and in the process has been promoting the album The Shufflez for the past few months, which is currently available to pre-order from his website. He has revealed he has been working on follow-up albums too.

As for Jaki Nelson, she is a rising singer and producer who went viral after raking 2 million Spotify streams on the My Buddy Mike remix of her collaboration with Jason Parris on the song “Yours”. She has worked with some of big names in the music industry, including Dave Audé, Lauren Dyson, and Disco Fries. Both these artists are definitely ones to watch in the coming years.

The track may only be 55 seconds long, creating this epic teaser for their album, but it’s 55 addicting seconds that will get you dancing. Determined to get you moving from the very first moment, “The Shufflez” has an unforgettable beat and a catchy rhythm with both artists claiming that they have got “a case of the shufflez”. The track leaves us wanting more and makes us hope that the album is just around the corner – surely it will be.

“The Shufflez” is available to download and stream right now. You can pre-order Joey Suarez and Jaki Nelson’s upcoming album, The Shufflez, through Joey Suarez’s website where you can also become a VIP fan. There is also a whole host of merchandise available on the website in promotion of the album.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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