John Boyega Brings Smiles and The Force to a Sick Child at Royal London Hospital


John Boyega, who recently made his mark as Finn in the new Star Wars film, spent his Sunday morning in a lightsaber battle with a sick five year old at Royal London Hospital.  The child, Daniel, is living with a brain tumor and his wish was to meet Finn; thanks to Rays of Sunshine and John’s kindness – his dream came true.

John Boyega Makes Brings Smiles and The Force to A Sick Child at Royal London Hospital 1

During his visit with Daniel, John kept in character as Finn, a stormtrooper who was unfamiliar with the way of life on Earth.  While Finn taught Daniel some tricks of being a storm trooper, Daniel taught finn about life on our planet, even explaining to him what a car was (since you know, they are quite different from space ships).  While Daniel and Finn had a special time carved out with one another, Daniel didn’t want to keep his visit all to himself, so the pair went around to visit the other sick children in the hospital to bring them smiles, stories, and gifts.

While Daniel’s family enjoyed this visit, saying it was incredible to see the little boy smile without a care in the world – for the first time in a long time – it was John’s Instagram post later in the day that showed that the visit was something incredibly memorable for John himself.

John said when he heard of Daniel’s wish to meet Finn there was no question in his mind that he was going to make it happen, and photos of the day showing big bright smiles from everyone involved prove that there’s no way it could have gone better.  Daniel dressed as a storm trooper while Finn looked very much like his character in the star wars film as the pair passed out Star Wars themed toys to the rest of the children in the ward.

March is brain tumor awareness month so John’s act of kindness not only goes to make Daniel’s day brighter, as well as the rest of the children at Royal London Hospital, but it happened at a great time for people to hear the story, find out more, and get involved with ways to help.

John Boyega Brings Smiles and The Force to a Sick Child at Royal London Hospital 1

If you want to get involved please visit The Brain Tumor Charity to find out ways to help better the lives of those affected by brain tumors and check out Rays of Sunshine as well.

Written by Ashley

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