JoJo wearing a white top against a New York backdrop from "Sabotage" music video

JoJo Releases Music Video For Single “Sabotage” Featuring CHIKA

We have a new music video from JoJo for her latest single “Sabotage” which features CHIKA and we are loving it. The visual has a brilliant concept, and although it’s not something that is new and different, it’s a fresh take on it and totally unforgettable.

In the awesome visual, which is directed by James Larese, we see JoJo walking around the streets of New York, only with a little twist, she’s wrecking stuff in her wake without meaning to. It’s a great correlation to the track, as it suggests she’s sabotaging the streets as she walks by.

The video is technically brilliant, it’s great to watch everything get destroyed; it is started by JoJo dropping her suitcase to the ground which breaks open to reveal a helium-filled heart balloon that bursts. Events unfold around JoJo as if she’s literally two steps in front of the end of the world (to be fair, that’s what it can feel like at the end of a relationship). We especially love how removing her jacket and leaving it behind her imprints the pavement – this is why you shouldn’t litter as you destroy the world when you do. Other brilliant effects include pavement cracking like it’s the Ice Age, windows shattering, a piano falling from a height – that had to be included right? – and burning photographs. It’s clear they enjoyed causing mayhem in the editing of the video and it’s really paid off!

CHIKA also stars in the visual and she gives the clip some strength, power, and confidence. She breaks up the visual just like she breaks up the song, giving us a bit of normality amongst the wreckage and it works brilliantly.

Every time we watch this video, we see something different, something new getting smashed apart; our favourite subtle breakage is the ATM that spits out a tonne of cash; if we had been JoJo we’d have gone back and grabbed it all.

Watch JoJo’s Music Video For “Sabotage” Featuring CHIKA Here:

Sabotage” is available to download and stream right now via Clover Music. Expect more JoJo music soon as she continues to lead up to her fourth studio album.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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