JoJo's single artwork for "Sabotage" feat. CHIKA

JoJo Drops New Single & Lyric Video “Sabotage” Featuring CHIKA

Friday saw JoJo release a brand new single, titled “Sabotage” which features CHIKA. The song marks her first venture into her brand new era and follows up the non-album single “Joanna“. We’re excited to see where this takes her next.

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, is best known for her hit singles in the 00’s with the likes of “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late”. She dropped two albums in her early years which charted globally, JoJo and The High Road. On top of that, she launched her acting career making her name known in the likes of Aquamarine and RV. Things then started to die down as her record label refused to release a third album, even though JoJo kept sending completed LPs their way, and so she released Mixtapes to get her music out into the world, with the likes of Can’t Take That Away From Me and Agápe. She also appeared in the film G.B.F. and guest-starred in House of Glam and Hawaii Five-0. After a lawsuit struggle to get out of her contract with the record label that wouldn’t release her third album, she was finally able to officially release music signing with Atlantic Records, which is where we got her tringle, which were, “When Love Hurts“, “Say Love“, and “Save My Soul“, as well as two EPs, before starting her third era which saw her release the “F**k Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa, “Music.”, “FAB.” featuring Remy Ma, and her third album Mad Love. In response to her first two albums not being available on download and streaming sites, JoJo re-recorded those two albums and the singles “Disaster” and “Demonstrate” and made them available for us all to download and stream. Now, away from Atlantic Records, and releasing on her own record label Clover Music in connection with Warner Bros. Records, JoJo released the single “Joanna” and now “Sabotage”; she is totally set to show the world what we’ve been missing.

As for the featured star, CHIKA, whose real name is Jane Oranika; she made her name known for the viral sensation “Ego Challenge” which encourages people to express their love for their flaws by rapping or singing over the top of Beyoncé’s song “Ego”. She’s a rising rapper having already worked with Sage and Kesha on the song “Safe”, and dropped incredible tracks titled “No Squares” and “High Rises”. She’s definitely someone to watch in the coming years.

This new single, according to Spotify, was written by CHIKA, Dan Wilson, Dylan Wiggins, Joanna Levesque, Martin McKinney, Merna Bishouty, and Michael Sonier, whilst it has been produced by Doc McKinney. As for the lyric video, that has been produced by Post Office Studios.

Watch JoJo’s Lyric Video To “Sabotage” Featuring CHIKA Here:

Seriously taking it back whilst still being current, JoJo hits us hard with R&B like no other on “Sabotage”, easily reminding us of her brilliant tracks from the past, such as “Weak” and “How To Touch A Girl”, with a 2019 spin. Her voice is exceptional and you can tell that she’s giving us her all whilst also being relaxed within the track. CHIKA also manages to shine, timing her rap perfectly. The lyrics see JoJo wondering if she self-sabotaged her own relationship when she finds out her boyfriend has never loved her, whilst CHIKA’s rap is more of a letter apologising to her exes. Both artists claim to hide their true feelings and have difficulty opening up to others.

Linking in well with the song is the lyric video with some brilliant concepts being displayed and some great relatable animation and imagery that goes well with the song – it’s so worth a watch and makes the song make an even bigger impact.

Listen To JoJo’s New Single “Sabotage” Featuring CHIKA Here:

“Sabotage” is available to download and stream right now via Clover Music. Expect more JoJo music soon as she continues to lead up to her fourth studio album.

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