Jonathan Cilia Faro

Jonathan Cilia Faro Unveils ‘From Now On’

Pop-operatic artist Jonathan Cilia Faro just dropped his new album, called From Now On, via BFD/Sony Orchard.

Six years in the making, Faro produced From Now On, along with Matteo Cifelli, and five celebrated arrangers: Emanuele Chirco, Nicolo Fragile, Peppe Arezzo, Gary Wallis, and Ben Trigg. Just prior to the album’s release, Faro performed at an event for the Cardinal Angelo Sodano Holy Land Foundation, sponsored by His Eminence, Angelo Cardinal Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals.

Born in Sicily and raised in Tuscany, Faro began his ascent to prominence, when at the age of 9, he fell under the spell of Luciano Pavarotti’s voice, while listening to the “King of the High Cs” singing the role of Rodolfo in La Boheme.

Inspired, Faro began developing his inimitable sound, an exquisite blend of pop and operatic elements revolving around his spectacularly evocative tenor.

From Now On encompasses 12-tracks, spanning the spectrum from classical opera to contemporary pop.

The first track, “Il Cuore Naviga,” rides a captivating pop-lite melody backed by flowing strings atop a potent rhythm. A delicious grand piano infuses the tune with coruscating colors and vivid textures.

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights on the album include “Giramondo,” a gorgeous classical-flavored tune with savors of pop surfaces, full of washes of glorious strings and Faro’s surging tones. The harmonic climax of the tune, swelling and glowing, is sublime, as Faro’s velvety voice soars with yummy rhapsodic dynamics.

The title track opens on a modern pop melody imbued with alt-rock-lite flavors. Radiant background harmonies and glittering horns add sonic depth and dimension, giving the music majestic scope. Plush strings infuse the music with sweeping filaments of sumptuous hues.

“Meravigliosamente” rides a transcendent melody, streaming with sinuous fluidity, as Faro delivers an impassioned performance rife with intense amorous timbres. This track may well be the highlight of the album because of its luminous beauty.

The last track, a cover of the song made famous by the Paris Sisters, “I Love How You Love Me,” demonstrates the range and dazzling sonority of Faro’s splendid tenor.

Wow! What a brilliant album; full of divine coloration, lush gliding soundscapes, and the breathtaking passion of the voice of Jonathan Cilia Faro.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.