Jordn Drops Transformative EP High Hopes

Los Angeles based hip hop artist Jordn just released his new EP entitled High Hopes. The artist, who is originally from Dominica in the Caribbean, has been making waves in the emerging music scene with his highly motivating music and various collaborations with iconic artists.

Best known for co-writing Chris Brown songs You Like That”, “Part of the Plan”, and “Cheetah” from his Indigo album, the exceptional songwriter has a talent for reaching the core of his listener’s emotions and resonating with a wide audience. In “High Hopes” Jordan dives headfirst into his personal struggles and fears, only to come out the other end stronger and as a true survivor. The six-track EP takes the listener on a journey through Jordn’s growth process, as he continues to reinvent himself and reimagine his future. Jordn confides, “This EP was built on my own doubts, a lot of these songs remind me in different ways to keep pushing.”

In the first song, “Blessed,” Jordn examines the quality of his life and counts his blessings. The song is deeply emotive, and grips you with the intensity of the message. We often forget to be grateful for our experiences, good or bad, but they shape who we are and who we become. Featuring a dark melody, heavy beats, and powerful verses, the track is as relatable as it is raw self-discovery.

“Come Down” narrates times of hardship and hope. Jordn confides,” ‘Come Down’ comes from a place where I felt I was way too deep in to give up. I was in a very conflicted space, moving to L.A. and feeling like I don’t belong, but also feeling like this is where I need to be to make things happen. I’m sure a lot of people who move here to chase their dream felt like that at some point, and I still don’t really know if I’ve completely gotten over that feeling.” The track is melodic with hints of throwback R&B and intimate lyrics searching for the meaning of life.

In the title track, “High Hopes,” Jordn says, “‘I’ve been in the mud for a minute, can’t stay down, I can’t let me.’ Reminds me that at the end of the day, we’re the only ones responsible for whether we succeed or not.” The track is introspective as it is dark, with atmospheric production and silver-toned vocals.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast