Josh Daniel Releases Video For New Single ‘Skimming Stones’

Josh Daniel has released a video for his new single titled ‘Skimming Stones.’

The video was directed by Jay Parpworth and the beautiful simplicity of the video is well suited to the incredibly moving lyrics found in the song. The song refers to the pain of missing someone, something that resonates with everyone. The moving lyrics explain the concept of the video – with the main emphasis being on the powerfulness of the lyrics.

Josh Daniel is best known for appearing on ‘The X Factor’ back in 2015, where he did an incredible rendition of Labrinth’s ‘Jealous,’ an audition which has received over 57 million views on YouTube to date. You can check out his phenomenal audition on the show below:

When explaining the concept of the song, Josh spoke about how it was inspired by the loss of his best friend. After his best friend passed away, he needed a break from everything and was walking along a beach and started skimming stones. He was unsure of how he was going to deal with the loss but felt it best to write a song about how he felt in that particular moment – and that is how his track ‘Skimming Stones’ originated.

Despite the song being hidden away for several years, he felt that now was the time to release the personal track as personal songs are what resonates with his dedicated fans best. He further goes on to say that the track is him opening up to fans about who he is, empowering his fans.

Referring to the powerful lyrics in the song, the metaphors truly speak for themselves. ‘A plane without wings, a car without wheels.’ These refer to how things in the world simply can’t function if they don’t have what is needed to successfully perform their function.

When speaking about the track, Josh describes it as ‘a clever way to tell the story of how I felt in that moment.’ There was no doubt a lot of pressure on him to deliver a single that would do well to follow up debut single ‘Nowhere To Hide.’ In addition to his debut single, Josh has released several covers such as ‘Skin’ and ‘Jealous.’

He has turned a negative situation into as positive a situation as possible and says that his best friend has been responsible for creating not only the track but also the success he has built up over the years.

You can watch the full video where Josh explains the story behind ‘Skimming Stones’ below:

You can watch the video for ‘Skimming Stones’ below:

You can buy ‘Skimming Stones’ on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster