Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista Are Ready for 'The Arrangement' 20

Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista Are Ready for ‘The Arrangement’

Have you made any arrangements for The Arrangement premiere?  Stars of the scripted E! series drama, Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista told E! News of their upcoming plans to watch the show when it premieres this Sunday at 10pm.

Christine will be throwing “a screening party [in New York]…you know, intimate, but fun…it’s a celebration.”  Josh will be on the West Coast where he says, “Sunday we’re gonna do a big party for the show and the premiere and it should be fun.”



E!’s first scripted series was The Royals.  While The Arrangement is not centered around a fictional royal family, it does center itself around the type of people that E! knows best: celebrities.

Josh Henderson plays Kyle West, an actor who is part of a cult-like religion.  He offers Megan Morrison, an up and coming actress, played by Christine Evangelista, a wedding contract.

Christine told Business Insider of how the series focuses on the relationships in Hollywood and how they may not always be as they appear.  “We’ve all heard the rumors.  You read any tabloid, right?  That’s what a marketing team does.  There’s strategy involved with promoting a movie.  I don’t personally know anyone that’s been forced into a contract marriage.”

She went on to say “I think with reality shows, people want to know what happens behind closed doors.  And I think that’s what the show is about.  It’s revealing what’s behind the curtain, how do things play out, how do things get made, how are things dramatized, and that’s what the show really is.  It’s very intriguing.”


Watch Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista in the premiere of The Arrangement this Sunday, March 5 at 10pm on E!

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