Justin Timberlake will be joining Kate Winslet for Woody Allen’s next film project

Justin Timberlake will be joining Kate Winslet for Woody Allen’s new project. The news was reported by Guardian.

The singer was in the news for his new single video “Can’t Stop The Feeling” that has already become a hit.This star-studded project includes big names like Kate Winslet, James Belushi, and Juno Temple. There are no details available for the plot.

According to the reports, the scenes will take place in the 1950s New York. The shooting will reportedly start in fall. It will be interesting to see Timberlake and Winslet work together.

Allen has also worked on Cafe Society which got released this year. The movie created a lot of hype and for all the good reasons. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart, the movie depicted 20th century Hollywood. The movie received great reviews and the same can be expected of Allen’s new project.

Woody Allen seems to be quite busy this year. Allen is currently working on a series , an original Amazon series which stars Miley Cyrus and Allen. The series is almost complete and is set to release on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

The shooting for the series started four months ago. CelebMix informed the readers when Miley Cyrus was spotted shooting for the series in Westchester, New York.

Miley Cyrus films Woody Allen's Netflix series in New York on Friday, March 11

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