K-POP meets Latin Pop in SUPER JUNIOR’s new single “Lo Siento”

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On April 12, SUPER JUNIOR released their eighth album titled “REPLAY”. The album contains a number of songs, each one with a different vibe. The first music video that has been uploaded by SMTOWN, for the time being, is for the song “Lo Siento”. This particular song is unique because it contains lyrics from three different languages: English, Spanish and Korean.

In this track, the members of SUPER JUNIOR collaborate with the Latin-American singer Leslie Grace. The result of the collaboration is rare because it marries K-POP with Latin Pop.

The voices of the artists fit together perfectly and the lyrics are equally divided among them. The voices of the male vocalists do not overshadow the females, on the contrary, they compose a harmonical result. Furthermore, the gentle rise in the rhythm makes the transition from the verse to the chorus subtle. The latin notes inside the music, especially the use of the guitar, motivates the listener to dance along.

As for the music video, it is full of elaborate colours which catch the eye of the viewer, with fancy, trendy and even sexy clothes, beautiful scenery that takes us back to the late 80’s almost 90’s era, and ingenious editing which makes the video clip playful. The dance moves of the SUPER JUNIOR members and talented Leslie Grace also make it a fun visual experience.

To sum up, “Lo Siento” is an excellent example of what a synthesis of two different music styles can offer to the masses. Moreover, this collaboration of K-POP and Latin Pop, due to the Hispanic and Latin American melodies that are found inside the latter, is perfect for the summer that is almost around the corner. “Lo Siento” is an amazing song that will make our summer a bit more fun!

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