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Katy Perry releases ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ music video

Katy Perry has released the music video for her comeback single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’, and it certainly takes us on a thrill-seeking ride!

A few days ago, the songstress teased fans with a video entitled ‘Oblivia – Grand Opening February 21, 2017’. The video invited fans to escape and dance their troubles away at the “world’s newest and craziest amusement park.”

With the grand unveiling today, February 21, things became slightly clearer as we discovered that the Oblivia theme park was the setting for Katy’s latest visual. The video is bizarrely captivating, and at first glance it is trippy with its pastel colours and wacky rides (a rollercoaster that comes off its tracks anyone?).

However, the video is actually a lot more meaningful when you take a closer look at the visual and listen to the lyrics. The visual depicts conformity and repetition, with the lyrics “So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, bubble / So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble,” being key in the video’s message. We see Katy following the crowd, with the park’s attendees copying a series of movements and actions in sync.

Katy soon realises that there is something wrong, at first when she pricks her finger on a rose. Later on, she becomes fully aware of how everyone is being controlled, thanks to Skip Marley. The rapper breaks out from a giant TV, whilst rapping poignant words which make Katy realise that there is life outside of this controlled environment.

Break down the walls to connect, inspire / Up in your high place, liars / Time is ticking for the empire / And we’re about to riot / they woke up, they woke up the lions“.

The video ends with Katy trying to break others from the curse, alongside shots of her running on a giant hamster wheel. The final shot shows Katy staring at the camera with worry, prompting viewers to consider whether they want to conform to expectations or whether they’re prepared to challenge the norm and what’s expected of them.

Check out the official music video for ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ below.

Katy’s visual for ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ is a colourful and psychedelic extravaganza with an important message. The singer has been busy promoting the track since its release a few weeks ago. She recently performed the track at the Grammy’s, and has since been confirmed as a performer at tomorrow night’s BRIT Awards.

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