Kefeider Releases New Long Player ‘Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco’

Norwegian indie pop-rock artist Kefeider, aka Vetle Løvgaard, drops his brand-new album, Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco, revolving around previous singles such as the title track, “Running Like It’s Easy,” and “Chicken Out.”

Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco translates to ‘not all donuts come out with a hole.’

Kefeider explains, “The title of the single (and album), ‘Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco’ is an Italian saying that means things do not always end up as planned. It is about regrets and realization.”

The album is a blend of nostalgic influences, including synth-pop tracks like “Changes Are Real” and “Sea Still There Just Like Before,” as well as guitar-driven tracks like “My Normal Is Different” and “Looking For A Bed.”

Originally from a small town in Norway, Kefeider’s music has been gaining attention. His previous EP, Touchè, featured touching harmonies, songwriting, and production.  Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco was produced by Øyvind Blomstrøm, who once again showcases his skills on the drums and synthesizers throughout the tracks.

Encompassing 11 tracks, the album begins with “Chicken Out,” an avant-garde pop-flavored song riding a low-slung rhythm topped by Kefeider’s delicious, velvety falsetto.

Entry points include the deep-toned “Valid,” with its scintillating topline accents and drifting, creamy, dream-pop flow. For some reason, this song conjures up suggestions of Christopher Cross. As does the following track, “Running Like It’s Easy,” which rolls out on subterranean percolations showcasing luscious vocals and a mid-tempo rhythm.

Crisp percussion and hazy harmonics provide the intro for the title track, followed by misty layers of dream-pop textures.

“Changes Are Real” ties the album off, offering a futuristic blend of dream-pop textures with art-pop elements, which together infuse the tune with psychedelic nursery rhyme-like surfaces as Kefeider’s translucent vocals give the lyrics delicate timbres.

Wonderfully innovative, Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco demonstrates the evolution and creative talent of Kefeider.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.