Kelly Clarkson Gave The World A Beautiful Performance Of ‘Piece By Piece’ On American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is known for her extremely versatile vocals that allows her to do almost any form of pop. Dance, disco – you can name it all. But she’s also known for winning the very first season of American Idol and starting the stepping stone of a show that’s changed the lives of many.

She recently performed on American Idol night, featuring a single (‘Piece By Piece’) from her seventh studio album of the same name. Her vulnerability during the performance showed immensely and literally reduced us to tears, including the judging panel.

Watch the tear-driven performance below.

The song is more than just a mid-tempo pop creation, as its lyrics carry with it much vulnerability. It was written by Clarkson and Greg Kurstin and was inspired by the pregnancy with her first child. But also Kelly Clarkson’s father who neglected her and her family years ago when she was just a kid.

Overall it was “used as a juxtaposition to her husband’s unconditional love to her and their daughter, whom they both promised to never leave behind”.

Bravo Kelly for giving the world a performance filled with deep passion – and a relatable one at that for many around the globe.

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Written by Dannii C.

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