Kendrick Lamar Just Dropped A Surprise Album – Untitled Unmastered.

Kendrick Lamar just gave his fans a shocking treat as he dropped a new album with no warning – and it is a smash!  The album, now available on ITunes is called ‘untitled unmastered.‘ and it’s sure to be the only thing you’ll want to listen to for the foreseeable future.

The album has 8 tracks that are, untitled and unmastered and showcase Kendrick’s raw talent.  Right now we are definitely having a hard time getting over Track 2 with it’s incredible beat and Track 5 with the slow start before Kendrick’s storm of lyrics.

“I could speak the truth and I know the world would unravel”

Kendrick gave fans a moving performance of Alright on the Grammy stage with a verse that was previously unheard which could, in hindsight, been a hint that he had some behind the scenes work going on.  With all the anticipated music coming out in 2016, it’s absolutely incredible for Kendrick to drop his album with no promotion and know that he’s talented enough for fans to embrace it.

Social media is currently abuzz with their opinion on ‘untitled unmastered.’, it’s interesting to watch fans experience the album for the first time.  So far, all we’ve seen are positive reviews and that’s exactly what this surprise album deserves.  When you’ve got the power, vocal ability, and mind that Kendrick has, there’s very little, if any, room for error.

We anticipate the hype around this album to continue building as people realize it’s been released and take the time to enjoy each track.  After you’ve given the album a listen, tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know what your favorite tune is.


Written by Ashley

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