Kesha Fans Fight Back: #FreedomForKesha

After 10 rough years, pop star Kesha speaks out against producer Dr. Luke, who allegedly raped and drugged her. Unfortunately, the producer still has contractual control over Kesha and her music. When she and her attorney, Mark Geragos, tried to push charges and get her freedom from Sony Records, Luke pushed back, claiming,

“If Kesha now regrets that her career is mired in legal proceedings, it’s entirely of her making. It was Kesha who chose to file a lawsuit falsely alleging abuse to gain advantage in contract negotiations.”

Currently, since the company is not willing to release her and the Court dismissed her case, Kesha cannot create new music, produce with any other artist, or tour. With her career at risk and no legal help, the 28 year old seems to be stranded on an island of isolation.

But with the story becoming public, social media takes a stand against the abuser and threatening company. The hashtag #FreedomForKesha began trending just hours after the story was published. Not only are the fans standing with Kesha, they are taking a stand for all woman treated unfairly in the industry.

Kesha Fans Fight Back: #FreedomForKesha 1

Kesha Fans Fight Back: #FreedomForKesha 2

The music world holds its breath as they wait for what is to come next. But one thing they all have in common: they want justice.

Written by CelebMix