Kesha Sings “Amazing Grace”

International pop-sensation Kesha, who is known for her iconic songs “Tik Tok” and “Your Love Is My Drug” hasn’t released any music since 2013 but has now done a cover of “Amazing Grace”.

Kesha Sings Amazing Grace 1

As many people know from the #FreeKesha trend on Twitter last year, Kesha filed a lawsuit last October in Los Angeles against Sony and music producter Dr. Luke for sexual assault, battery, and sexual harassment.

Due to the long legal battle she is unable to produce or release any new music until the court has decided her fate. The hearing has been postponed until Tuesday and the fate of Kesha’s music career will be revealed in The New York Supreme Court.

Though she can’t release any new music, with the help of her fans, she did a cover of “Amazing Grace” which was posted to YouTube by a fan. Kesha starts the video with a heart-felt message to express thanks and show how much she loves her fans before singing the song.

She also voiced how nervous she was to be in court and to find out the verdict on her Instagram.

Over 110,000 people have signed an online petition to help her, and get Sony to voluntarily release her from her contract.  Fans are also rallying to protest outside the court in order to make Sony listen to them and try to make them understand that they’re not only fighting for Kesha’s music but for her human rights.

Sign the petition to help Kesha here on Care 2.

Kesha Sings Amazing Grace 2

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