Khalil Releases “Quality” Single on Spotify and iTunes

Khalil just dropped his newest single “Quality” Spotify and iTunes this past Wednesday. With the single, we anticipate the release of his upcoming EP “Misunderstood”. Originally released on SoundCloud in August, the single has been gaining a ton of attention on social media. For example, the macabre artwork for “Quality” is making an appearance all over Twitter.

Furthermore, Khalil’s fellow artists have been endorsing the release even before it came out on iTunes. Check out his Instagram post featuring Justin Bieber below!

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Glad you approve bro. "Quality" out now!!

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If Khalil’s “Misunderstood” EP lives up to the praise “Quality” is getting, then the EP is fully expected to be fire. Anyone looking for the next big sensation in R&B/hip hop needs to have Khalil on their radar.

Musically, Khalil’s warm background vocals mix with a simple chord progression to produce a laid-back and sexy sound.

Lyric-wise, this slow, feel-good song depicts a guy’s desire to spend time with the love of his life. Even more impressive is the bass line that seems to know exactly when to move around his lyrics. The interplay creates an audio-sensory effect, making the song “dance” between the ears. Overall, “Quality” winds us down with its chill atmosphere.

When a song like this gets the reaction and praise Khalil is receiving right now, you know the product is high “quality.” Snag the single on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud, and be sure to stay tuned in the next coming weeks for his EP “Misunderstood”.

Written by CelebMix