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Kid Ziggy Drops Dope New Song – “Lipstick Stains”

Hip-hop artist Kid Ziggy, aka Zachary Geller, releases his brand-new track, “Lipstick Stains,” a collaboration with Papa Luke and viral producer and TikTok creator iceered.

“Lipstick Stains” follows on the heels of the release of Ziggy’s debut solo album, Brainstorming, featuring “Bad Influence” and “Come To Play.”

“Lipstick Stains” is about relationships and baggage, and how one’s approach to handling the baggage makes a relationship stronger or causes it to collapse. The song reflects Kid Ziggy’s real-life marriage experiences, i.e., don’t focus on petty things. Instead, look through the lenses of appreciation because as Ziggy came to realize – life without his partner is not a life he wants to live.

Ziggy not only performs solo but is part of the ZiPPiR Collective, a hip-hop collective recognized for its lyrical dexterity and musicianship. Based in Springfield, Illinois, ZiPPiR Collective is made up of Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke, RJC, JunioR Pasare, Danny J, and Maxi.

“Lipstick Stains” opens on swirling colors, flowing into a cool melodic hip-hop tune with hints of plush R&B savors. Low-slung yet lusciously flavored, the harmonics push out smooth textures of sound as velvety vocal flows imbue the lyrics with alluring timbres. Cashmere harmonies give the tune depth and radiance.

Kid Ziggy has it going on!

The combination of smooth, stylish hip-hop and the subdued, syncopated rhythm gives “Lipstick Stains” supple movement and rippling coloration.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.