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Kim Petras Balances Tour and New Releases

Kim Petras may have only started the North American leg of her tour a few weeks ago, but to say she is taking over the United States already would be an understatement. The ‘Icy’ singer sold-out this segment of her first ever headlining Broken tour this summer during pre-sale and as a result, many of her performances had to be moved to larger venues. This included all European dates due to massively intense demand by her fans on social media. And while she is busy with live performances, her new music releases have not stopped as a result.

After collaborating with countless popular acts and continuing to release new music this year, it may not come as a surprise to music fans that this tour is completely dominating every city it stops by in for the night. She manages to give her fans new content while still performing on a regular basis all over the world. Petras is even featured on the new Charlie’s Angels soundtrack for the song “How It’s Done.” This soundtrack also features Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey and, of course, Ariana Grande.

Petras work ethic seems to be unstoppable as her balance between live performances and working in the studio is remarkable. She released TURN OFF THE LIGHT, a Halloween-inspired project, on October 1st, which reached #2 on the iTunes Pop Chart. This was only a few weeks before the start of the North American leg of the Clarity Tour. She has already been described as a pop sensation and it’s clear that her desire to be the best she can be is both honest and genuine.

Recently, Kim Petras revealed the music died for her latest single “Icy.” The video covers an important topic that people of all ages can either relate to and/or emphasize with: being in a toxic relationship. The result is Kim Petras becoming a stronger and more independent version of herself as a result of her insecurities becoming frozen over. For music fans, this is the perfect transition from spooky season and TURN OFF THE LIGHT to winter by listening to “Icy” and enjoying its music video.

The next stop on her tour will be Orlando, Florida, on November 8, 2019. Fans will be able to enjoy new and older tracks by Petras during each tour stop she makes in North America. This includes songs from her latest album, Clarity, which defined a new era for the singer as well as her supporters. Fans have already stated experiencing “post-concert depression” on social media after seeing Kim Petras perform live. And based on her work ethic, it wouldn’t be a surprise to many if she released more music before the year concludes.

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