All of Kim Petras’ singles ranked from best to… best

It’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re spending it miserable and single then your strife is over, because German-born pop starlet Kim Petras has ensured she’s the one in all our hearts after dropping her sixth single “Heart To Break”. Her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” topped international Spotify charts when it was released in August 2017, and Kim has continued with the same success following it – managing to be named one of four Spotify RISE Artists (designed to “identify and break the next wave of pop superstars) in October.

Petras has an immaculate discography so far, her sound being an exciting blend of 90’s, 80’s and early 00’s pop nostalgia. To honour Kim’s new single release date, CelebMix have ranked all of the trans singer’s bops from best to best, because when you don’t have a bad song in your catalogue that’s the only ranking possible!

6th Best: Slow It Down

Kim’s fourth single is this slinky slice of pop with a side of 90’s R&B. Lyrically, the song is all about taking your time when making love to your paramour, and it’s as sensual as it sounds. The song builds to a gorgeous final minute filled with horn interludes and Petras’s impressive vocal adlibs.

5th Best: Hills (feat. Baby E)

Petras wrote this chilled out bop with featured artist Baby E, who she calls her “icon of songwriting.” Kim disses a bad ex lover in the almost rapped verses, musing about how she’s taking drugs to forget about the problems. Hills is full of all the visual cues you expect from a Kim Petras song: Summer, Los Angeles, fast convertibles, partying and boys. Sounds like heaven to us!

4th Best: Faded (feat. lil aaron)

Kim’s latest music video was for fifth single “Faded”, featuring a rapped verse by Lil Aaron. It’s a simply written but infectious bop that bounces along its eighties throwback beat with joy. Its repetitive nature ensures that it instantly sticks with you, and the video is full of Petras just having a great time in some rad outfits.

3rd Best: Heart To Break

It’s here! The freshly released bop that Kim herself has called her favourite single out of them all. And the fact that a song this good isn’t her overall best says so much about the calibre of pop star Petras really is. On “Heart To Break”, Kim goes all-out 80’s, with its stirring synths making it a song you fall in love with on the first listen. It wouldn’t be out of place on Carly Rae Jepsen’s magnum opus Emotion, and that is obviously never a bad thing.

2nd Best: I Don’t Want It At All

“I Don’t Want It At All” is a perfect debut single. Described as “”Material Girl” for the millennial generation”, it’s a bratty, sassy and charming synth-laden bop that is the perfect introduction to Petras’ brand and the kind of pop star she’s setting out to be. It feels like a song leftover from the early 00’s in the best way possible. When the video dropped in October 2017, “I Don’t Want It At All” became certifiably iconic. The Paris Hilton shrine, the way she walks down the street with all the shopping bags and of course, that cameo. It’s just magical.

THE Best: Hillside Boys

She did it, kids. Kim Petras really did it. What did she do? Oh, she only made pop PERFECTION! “Hillside Boys” is a masterpiece. It’s a timeless song that would have been critically acclaimed no matter when it was released. From the very first lyrics (My silhouette is in the frame of your shades again/And your cigarette’s facing its final breath) you instantly know you’re in for something special and the song just builds and builds. The first chorus is breathtaking, the second verse jazzes up the vocals (And it’s over, in your, in your Range Rover), the bridge is lyrically excellent and then the guitar riff break is practically euphoric. When that final chorus lands with the adlibs, you’re dead and in pop heaven. And being dead in pop heaven with Queen Kim making bops like this sounds more than okay to us.

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