Concert Crowd

What kind of gig goer are you?

Going to a concert, gig, music festival, whatever your preference should be all about going for the music and the show. Yes? Or maybe not. Obviously, going to a gig for a lot of people is a chance to see people that they look up, to see their favourite bands and to enjoy the time that they have spent their hard earned money on being a part of. But, do you ever take a moment at a concert to look around and see who you are sharing your time with?

It’s fascinating to see who else is at a gig, people who have a common interest with yourself. Sometimes, its a weird and wonderful bunch of people and at times you will see certain groups of people reappearing at every concert or gig that you will go to. No matter what country, city, town you go to a concert in.

Bring this check-list of groups with you to any gig and see if you can spot them and I have no doubt that you will find your own concert goer to add to the list.

The “Know-It-All.”

These people are those who are there for the music and nothing else, nothing else matters to them. No amount of lights, stage production or fireworks will impress them. It’s safe to say that they probably know everything about the people that they are seeing live, every song, every album, every EP, every useless fact, every useful fact. They know everything. And, if you had a day to spare, you, and anyone else around you would know this too.

The “know-it-all,” will however be impressed by the music venue, which might seem rare to you and this shows you that you are not a “know-it-all.” They will be fascinated at the fact that whatever venue you are standing in will have been filled with so many legends of the music industry. This may seem boring to you, but it’s just that and the music to the “know-it-all”‘s. That’s why they even show up at all.

What kind of gig-goer are you? 1

The Dummy. 

This is the person that just stands there like a stuffed animal. No matter what happens at the show, jumping crowds, drunk people crashing into you or people pushing past you trying to find a friend between songs, they will remain straight faced and will not move a muscle for around 90 minutes. Even the screams of the performer to raise your hands up or jump around fails to move them. Now, a lot of the time, this will be a parent, or a friend of a fan that has forced them to tag along with them so that they didn’t have to brave the gig alone. But without a shadow of a doubt, if you look around at any given gig, you will find someone who fits the description of “the dummy.”

The Loud-mouth.

They are at every gig, whether you see them first or hear them, believe me; they will be there. Their mindset is that they are the only person at the show. It’s a jump around, wave your arms, scream, shout and completely ignore every other person at the show type of attitude. We can all understand that as everyone has bought their own ticket, they are completely allowed and entitled to enjoy their time as they see appropriate but when they crash into you for what seems like the 25th occasion you are fully within your right to question them. Whether you do that quietly or take on their role as being loud is completely up to yourself – my only advice would be to question at your own peril as any reply from “the loud-mouth” may contain a number of expletives…

What kind of gig-goer are you? 1

The “I Know Every Word” Fan. 

Having listened to the band or singer’s album 64 times just the day before, they now know every word of every song which, for the people standing anywhere near them can without a doubt spell disaster. You mightn’t even be able to hear the singer singing because “I Know Every Word” is singing at the top of their lungs and 9 times out of 10 it will be very out of tune. The “I Know Every Word” Fan will also more often than not be accompanied by the “I Know Some Of The Words” who you will only hear singing in selective songs, or the “I Know None Of The Words,” who you will mostly either see videoing the entire concert – mainly just to give them something to do or they will be singing along all night with made up lyrics, even worse out of tune than the “I Know Every Word” fan.

The Couple

This one is inevitable. They will be stuck to each other all night, kissing, cuddling, generally paying little attention to the gig. They won’t separate due to the fear that they will be bombarded with the single people trying to “make a move” on their significant other. They can undoubtedly be one of the most annoying gig-goers, and not just because we’re “jealous” of them. But because they may as well have saved £70 on tickets and stayed home watching MTV.

What kind of gig-goer are you? 2

So, how many do you think you have seen? Which category do you think you fall under? Tweet us at @CelebMix.

Written by Zara Gibson