Exclusive: Kitty Brucknell talks to CelebMix

Kitty… it’s been a while since we saw you last. What have you been up to!?
So much! It’s been non-stop since I released my first single. I took part in Eurovision, which was an amazing experience, I got to go to Moldova and perform on TV there which was totally random and a really different experience. I’m hoping I can get to go back and do it again next year. Then we decided to start work on another album, so it’s really been a very busy time.

Your new album was released recently. What’s the reaction been like from your fans?
Fantastic! I had such an amazing response to my album, I never thought I would have such a huge response so I’m so grateful for it. I can’t wait for the next one, that’s going to be completely different, a total side step from my usual music so I’m really eager to get that out there!

You went down the DIY-route with pledge music. Why did you decide to release like this?
Well, it gives you the freedom to be totally independent and make your own choices. Of course, I would love to be with a major label but while I’m still growing as an artist, platforms like Pledge Music really help musicians put music out there and at the end of the day, once the funding is in place things really take off.

How fun has it been writing and releasing your own music?
I love it! I’m always writing, every day I get a new idea. I’m so eager to get in the studio and write and record more songs.

You’re about to release a covers EP… what sort of songs have you got lined up?
It’s weird because I’m really not a “covers” artist, but I love Broadway shows and musicals and I thought it would be a great idea to record an album with all these songs that I love. We are putting a slightly modern twist on it all though, so it’s not just a standard cover album, but different arrangements of these songs that everyone knows and loves.

You stood for Eurovision this year but lost your bid. How did it feel?
Yeah, that was really disappointing. I feel though that I sort of only had half an idea about how competitive it is. People will literally do anything to get their song into that contest. So next year I am going at it in a completely different way – we have an amazing team now and I think it’s really all about getting that perfect song. I want to come at it with all guns blazing. No stone left unturned!

It seems like some X Factor contestants get a lot of stick. How do you deal with the criticism?
I have just learned to ignore it. Sometimes, things really get to me, and I am really honest in the way that I deal with it, I tweet about my ups and my downs to my fans – I have always felt that a lot of artists, they hide a lot of that honesty, there’s a lot of pressure to appear “perfect”. I can’t live up to that, I never will be perfect, I can’t pretend in that way – I have so many flaws! In terms of criticism, I love anything that’s constructive but there seems to be a lot of incentive to bully and degrade people on these shows and I really don’t think it’s right.

You were compared to Lady Gaga for quite a while during the X Factor. How did you manage to separate yourself from her and create your own image and style?
Well, I’ve taken a lot of influence from Japanese culture, anime and manga, and I just kind of worked on my image from there! I love anything outrageous and sparkly, whereas I think Lady Gaga always tends to try and shock. I have a lot more fun with things, it’s not really about “art” it’s about having fun! And also I like to be comfortable! Not wear something that’s going to inflict pain!

We absolutely love your colourful hair. Who are your style icons right now?
I would say that I don’t really have style “icons” – in fact I try and actively not copy or take influence from other artists in what I wear. I came up with the hair style from watching My Little Pony on TV! I have a lot of ideas with what I wear on stage – I even have an ideas book where I write things down that I think of, no matter how crazy. I wrote the other day how I could wear a dress made of paper that is set alight on stage to reveal something else underneath once it’s burned. I love ideas that are totally impractical, but I usually get some influence from them.

What sort of music do you like to listen to in your spare time?
It varies a lot! At the moment I have the Eurovision album on repeat. The other month it was Within Temptation, and before that M83. I just love REALLY GOOD music. I’m very genre bending in what I do anyway, so my music tastes sort of go that way anyway!

What’s next for Kitty? More new music? Something different?
Apart from the Broadway album, there’s hopefully a new single coming soon, and then also I’m launching a blog which will be completely separate to my music. I really love writing, so I wanted an outlet for that, to talk about fashion and style and everything else. It’s a big project – I’m working on it a lot at the moment!

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Written by Jack