Kylie teases two new shades

Kylie Cosmetics line has made it huge all over the world since its launch! Everyone would die to get their hands on the Kylie Cosmetics line whether that be the mattes, glosses or metallic lipsticks.

Restocks happen almost every week and new cool shades are being released constantly for all us makeup lovers. Over 10 colours have been released but Kylie just can’t wait to release more! (we can’t wait either)
Kylie teasing two new shades 1
On Friday the 17th of June, Kylie announced to her snapchat followers that there were two new lipkit shades waiting to be launched.
“You tell me, should I release them next week in time for Fourth of July? Or is it too much?” We think release them right now! She came down to a final decision which was to release them on Friday! Yay! That’s close enough.

Kylie teasing two new shades 2

The two new lipkits are expected to be released on the 6/24 so stay tuned!
As we would all love to know what the shades looked like, some things are better left unsaid!
Kylie teased us with this image so we could start guessing and get all excited! “They are really really fun shades” These new fun shades are here just in time for Fourth of July but ‘fun’ could mean anything. Could they be really bright colours? Colours she’s never released before? Totally different colours to what we are all imagining? Could they be colours to match the Fourth of July theme? Blue, red or even white? Maybe a combination of all!

From the picture above, we have all been wondering what colour it really could be. One kit has a dark tone whereas the other is much lighter. So many questions in so little time!

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Written by CelebMix